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Lange Nacht der Industrie

Erstmalig stellte sich die DMOS GmbH im Rahmen der "Langen Nacht der Industrie" einem interessierten Publikum aus Dresden und Umgebung vor.

Was passiert eigentlich in dem modernen Gebäude gleich hinter dem Hauptbahnhof? Immer wieder können wir Passanten beobachten, die bis an die verglaste Fassade unseres Hauses treten und versuchen, durch einen Blick ins Innere eine Antwort auf diese Frage zu erhalten. Dieses "Geheimnis" sollte am 24.06.2014 endlich gelüftet werden.

Mit der Ankunft der ersten Besuchergruppe öffnete sich die Eingangstür. Nach einer kurzen Begrüßung durch die Geschäftsführer wurden die Gäste zu einem Rundgang eingeladen.

Dazu hatten die Mitarbeiter einen "Stationsbetrieb" im Gebäude Bergstraße 4 vorbereitet.

Hier erfuhren die Besucher, daß die Mitarbeiter der DMOS mikroelektronische Schaltkreise entwickeln, die meisten davon für Anwendungen in der Automobilindustrie, aber auch für die Gebäudeautomatisierung, die Automatisierungstechnik und die Solarbranche.

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10 years DMOS GmbH in Dresden

Dresden, 12th October 2012

On 22 September 2012, the DMOS GmbH celebrated its 10th anniversary in Dresden. The new building on Bergstraße currently houses 46 employees working on 15 projects to develop integrated circuits (ICs) for automotive and industry applications.
The company has its origin in the Dresden design centre of the Austrian microchip manufacturer austriamicrosystems AG. After investing into a top-modern fab and the dot-com bust, the mother company changed its market activities. Thus, there seemed to be no common future for the initial 14 design engineers from Saxony. However, in 2002, the year of the Elbe flood, they decided to start an independent company offering IC design services. Mediated by the Saxony Economic Development Corporation, they teamed up with the ELMOS AG from Dortmund for manufacturing and selling the new microchips. The DMOS GmbH led by managers Holger Jung and Mario Reichel was founded in August 2002, with work on the first new project starting already in November.
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Dresden, February 20th 2008

Opening ceremony in the new site Bergstrasse 4

On February 20th 2008 the emplyees of the DMOS GmbH celebrated with business partners, representatives of Saxony and Dresden, leasing and construction companies, planners, family members, neighbours and friends the inauguration of their new development and office building.

After approximately two years of construction had the DMOS GmbH moved into its new coworkers the new building on January 18th 2008. The interior is not complete yet, while further investments in equipment, furniture and IT technology will follow.

The ceremony was opened by the chairman of the board of the ELMOS AG, Mr. Dr. Anton Mindl. In his adress he reminded of the establishment of the DMOS and the beginning of co-operation between DMOS and ELMOS in 2002. Nobody could imagine at that time the fact that this “fourteen man firm” would grow in such a manner within five years and would move into a modern new building in traffic-favorable situation in the heart of Dresden. The ELMOS will keep on promoting the development of this design location in Silicon Saxony - honoring the potential for a long-term development while AMD, Infineon and Qimonda use Saxony so far only for production and technology development. Impressed by the location and architecture Dr. Mindl asked to reserve him a room in the attic.

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Dresden, 3rd April 2006

New building at Bergstraße

In early January 2006 preparations were made to construct a building at Bergstraße 4 immediatly behind Dresden main station.
A new office and development building for DMOS GmbH will soon be built there.

The place was deliberately choosen near the city center. On the one hand the proximity of means of public transport gives the employees a chance to use it for their daily way to work. On the other hand the Technical University of Dresden (TUD), Dresden University of Applied Sciences (HTW), Saxony State and University Library (SLUB) and noumerous other research centers, such as Frauenhofer and Max Planck Institutes, are only a short distance away.
Long distance journeying will also be no problem with the main station nearby, shuttle busses to the airport and the highway A4 reachable in less than 15 minutes.

Plans are made for a multystorey building with underground car park and a 2nd basement below it. While measuring and test equipment will be found on the groundfloor the IC development will take place on the two levels above. The attic is left to be converted if needed.
Thus, there will be enough space to let the development team of currently 28 employees expand.
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The construction work at the building site Bergstrasse 4 began directly behind Dresden main station in January 2006.dmos_building
At first the excavation pit was built to take in the foundations, the basement and the underground car park.
In November 2006 DMOS celebrated the topping-out ceremony. In January 2008 the building was "ready for equipment" and the company moved in at January 19th.

For the financing of our development and office building DMOS also used development funds of the European Community, the Federal Republic of Germany and the Free State of Saxony as well.


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