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Device testing - why?

DMOS develops and delivers integrated circuits for several markets, mostly for the automotive market. Customers generally expect that any part being delivered by a semiconductor manufacturer is failure free. The production of semiconductors may cause defects inside the device resulting in faulty parts or disturbed functionality. Therefore a production test of each part is required to ensure high quality.  To detect any failure that may occur during the production process a very high test coverage is required. Especially the automotive market requests for less than one faulty device at 1 million parts being delivered.
Series test is an expensive part of the complete production process of each device. About 1/3 of the production costs are caused by test and assembly. Therefore the development goal of our test engineering group is to reach highest test coverage for each product with most economic test solutions.

To fulfil these requirements our test engineers have a spread spectrum of knowledge and work in different fields of the device development and production process:

  • DFT, Test concepts, Test specification (-> Link to "Design for Test")
  • Device characterization (-> Link to "Prototyping")
  • Development of test solutions, test hardware / test software for ATE
  • Product engineering: support mass production, reduce test costs, increase yield (-> Link to "Mass production")

Our test engineering team is very experienced in all of these fields since this flow is used for all products being developed at DMOS.

DMOS GmbH offers its customers a widespread portfolio concerning test and application, so that ICs - even if they are not desinged by DMOS - can extensively be validated in our measuring labs.


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from idea to solution...


... also applies to test and application

As the development of an ASIC can be divided into several design steps you can do the same for test and application.

Even while creating the product specification it is recommended to be concerned about testing the product. Missing a measuring access or checking the testability of every block of the design not carefully enough may decrease the test coverage.

We offer our customers to cope with this challenge with the help of our competent and experienced test and application engineers. Depending on the customer's desire we generate an individual test specification, develop a verification plan with lab equipment list or we quote the costs of a serial test.


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If the first samples of an IC are out of fab they need to be measured to get the characteristic of the circuit. Crude design improvements will be discussed and the behaviour in the "real" environment will be checked.

The samples will be characterized on one of our automatic test equipments (ATE) under different temperatures. If needed a protocol verification will be done. Statistic analyzes afterwards clarify the behaviour of a specific sample compared to its average behaviour and inform the customer about the state of series production.

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The customer may wish to validate a product designed by DMOS on his own.

For this purpose - or for promotion demonstrators - DMOS provides special soft- and hardware ressources to comfortably access the ASIC or ASSP via a computer or notebook. This service includes microcontroller based systems and complete PCB system modules, GUI-software or stand alone demonstrators. The communication from and to the PC is handled by either USB, RS232 or Ethernet.

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