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Dresden, 1st November 2002

New IC design center in Dresden

On 1st November 2002, DMOS GmbH took up its work as an independent ASIC design center in Dresden. The new firm employs 14 highly qualified IC designers, engineers of electronics with many years of experience in circuit design.

"DMOS" holds true to its name: this abbreviation normaly stads for a special type of transistor that whithstands high voltage (or "tension", taking into account the double meaning of the German word "Spannung").
The focus of business activity for the new enterprise will be design and development of mixed-signal-ICs for applications in high voltage, which are used mainly in automotive industries.
This involves circuits with analogue and digital circuitries fed directly by the electrical distribution system of the vehicle.
Special operational conditions of these products, resulting of security measures and the steady increase of electronics in the controlling units of modern cars, are well known to the employees due to their experience gained through previous work in this field. Till the end of October 2002, the team was successfully working for the Austrian chip manufacturer Austriamicrosystems AG as a dependent design center.
As a result of constructive negotiations, the new enterprise took over all employees, the office and the greatest part of the equipment, thus securing long-term jobs in a growing sector.
In return, Austriamicrosystems has a claim to development capacity at DMOS during years to come.

A partner and main customer will be ELMOS AG (vistit at, one of the leading manufacturers of customized ICs, that has its offices an a fab in Dortmund, North-Rhine/ Westphalia. ELMOS specialises in developing and producing mixed-signal smart-power semiconductor components, especially for the automotive branch (85%). During the last years, their average economical growth per year was 25%.

DMOS uses state-of-the-art computer technology, such as a broadband internet connection or special CAD software. They also have laboratory equipment for testing microchips and bringing them to service.
During the next three years, DMOS GmbH intends to expand its team to 20 employees.


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